Friday, December 7, 2012

Finals are here, and yes I am freaking out, and no I won't be posting until December 13th...or 14th. We'll see how I feel the 13th, because I'll be home and I'll probably want to talk to my mom all day and eat food. It's the truth.

Has this been a rough finals week you ask? Yes. It hasn't even started (we are only on preparation/reading days) and I am feeling completely unprepared and unmotivated. As I am writing this, I have already had an anxiety attack over financial aid, I have not showered, and I have only studied for one final. I'm freaking out here people.

Will I be okay? Yes I will. I will get my cleaning check done, I will go ice skating, I will have fun, I will go to a white elephant, drink hot chocolate, have fun, and then proceed to study some more with a peace in my heart and mind. Life is going to be okay. I will not fail this week. I will succeed. Cool.

So I won't see you in a while. I apologize, but I'm sure you will understand.

Good luck with finals, friends! Good luck with your days. May they be merry and bright. Until the 13th...or 14th, stay golden.

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