Playlist Thursday: Christmas Songs Week 2

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello friends,

I said I'd be back the 13th and lookee here, I'm back. I'm home for Christmas. Home for the holidays. It feels great. Finals weren't as rough as I thought they'd be, and it was an incredible blessing. I pushed myself to be home by Wednesday and it worked out. I am grateful for that because I know it won't always be the case. I miss my family in Provo already, but it will be all right. I need this time with my REAL family. I need this time to rejuvenate and to grow. Don't we all? So if you are still working on your final exams, don't lose hope, you'll be home soon enough. Don't ever give up. You can do this.

Despite the stress of the week, I was able to find some fantastic songs to share with you. That's the best part about studying you can plug in, study hard, not pay attention to those around you, and no one judges you for it. It's awesome. Here are my Christmas picks of the week.

1. O Come O Come Emmanuel by The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars should make an entire Christmas album. I would listen to it every day of the year. Their music is haunting but SO lovely.

2. Melodies of Christmas by David Archuleta

3. Christmas Lights by Coldplay

4. Home This Christmas by Justin Bieber (don't judge) feat. The Band Perry 

5. Little Soldier by Mindy Gledhill

I just love her music. Love. Love. Love. 

6. Little Saint Nick by Mindy Gledhill and She & Him

7. Christmas Wish by She & Him

She & Him really have a perfect Christmas album. When I grow old, I want it to be played continuously Christmas morning. Future Husband, would you agree? He will probably say yes. 

8. Los Pastores a Belen by David Archuleta 

His high tenor voice right at the end sends chills down my spine. My parents were able to go to this performance..and I'm so jealous. Who votes for a spanish album when he gets back from his mish? I do.

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