Friday Favorites: Snow and Wintery Things

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's take a moment to appreciate the 10 inches of snow that North Ogden got this week. There is nothing more beautiful in Winter, than being able to wake up, look out your window, and see the beautiful white blanket that enveloped the Earth over night. Nothing more beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed shoveling the drive way and sidewalks. We haven't had snow in so long. It will make for a very happy Spring and Summer.

2. Les Miserables
I must confess, I was never a big fan of this seminal Broadway classic. (Thank you, Rachel Berry). I had only seen high school renditions, and those can only impress so much. When I found out there was going to be a movie, I wasn't boiling over with joy and excitement. The only thing I really enjoyed was the music, and even at times I thought it was wishy washy. Yes, I know, I'm probably getting a lot of dagger eyes, but let me tell you, THE MOVIE CHANGED MY MIND! It changed all my feelings toward the musical and the performances I had seen. I have fallen in love with Victor Hugo's story of Jean Val Jean. I have fallen in love with the beautiful tragedy that makes up Les Mis. My favorite character by far is Jean Val Jean. Second, Fantine. Third, Javert. As for actors in the movie, I think Russell Crowe takes the prize. As for the ladies, hands down Anne Hathaway. And who can resist Hugh Jackman (who I thought was gold) and the beautiful face of Eddie Redmayne? Turns out he's more than just a Burberry model. Well, to wrap this up, I say you must go see Les Miserables. Bring a whole lot of tissues, and try to refrain from singing...because you'll want to. Oh and you'll want to clap too. It's just that good. The board of actors and critics who determine the Oscar awards must be kind to this movie, because it really is magnificent.

3. Christmas
Of course, how could I not mention Christmas in my favorites? It amazes me how time zooms by. It makes me sad, but I know there is a purpose for everything. Another Christmas will come. More time with my family will come. May we all just carry the spirit we felt that day for the rest of the year. I do thank the Lord for Christmas. May it never leave.

4. Juno
I remember this was my favorite movie back in junior high. I felt like everyone and their dog had to watch it. My mom was so sweet and got it for me for Christmas. I was surprised because she actually knew that I liked it. I watched it the other day and found myself crying and craving the soundtrack. That sounds really dramatic, but nostalgic things like that will do it to you.

5. Mittens and Scarves
They have been pretty handy since we got all this lovely powder.

Sorry this was up late. What were your favorites?!
Have a swell weekend. 
Stay gold. 

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