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Monday, December 17, 2012

My mom is the coolest. Hands down. Don't fight it. She had a birthday yesterday, and she was very quiet and humble about it. But no one should be celebrated more than my mom. She really is the best and here are the reasons why:


10. She gave birth to four children. Need I say more? I'll just say this...have you seen a birthing video? Yeah that takes a lot of work. Way to go mamasita. 

9. She's Puerto Rican, therefore; she is a Caribbean beauty.

8. Ever since I was little she's been up bright and early, reading her scriptures, listening to conference talks, making breakfast for my dad, and saying "Good morning!" and "I love you!" First thing. Every morning. 

7. She is ever so patient. 

6. She is ever so kind. Really though, she lives the Cleaning Piece every day and she reminds me to do the same. She's an angel. 

5. She makes the best food. I always encourage her to start a restaurant or catering service. Her food is prime. 

4. She's crafty WITHOUT the help from Pinterest. How many people can say that they are THAT crafty? No one. 

3. She loves the Gospel and has taught me to do the same. She always has and is the perfect example of a disciple of Christ. She would beg to differ, but I think she is. 

2. She loves my dad. It's a beautiful thing to see a couple love each other after so many years of hardship and living. 

1. Her love is unconditional. I have never met anyone else with love like her. She loves her family with all her gushy, precious heart. It's unconditional. Really. I can't say it enough. 

She really is the best mom. 

Happy birthday, mom. 

I want to be just like you. Yes, I do.

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