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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

*I apologize for the formatting and placement of the pictures.* 
Get ready for a whole lot of Instagrams, Dani's Life Style.

I thought I would provide a little update, since I haven't posted many photos in awhile. Enjoy!


1. After a bloody nose, jean stains, a trip to 5 European countries, and a festival of colors, it was time to get a new bag. So I got the Fossil satchel shown above, only in mustard yellow, because it seems that I can't resist anything mustard yellow. Did I mention it's leather? Yeah, I felt fancy. I upgraded from canvas my whole existence to leather. Let's have a round of applause for Dani making grown up decisions.

2. Speaking of becoming a grown up, I can make my own clothes now. Well sort of. I can make oxblood colored pleated skirts...and I can get A's on them. I conquered sewing since the last time I uploaded pictures. Please don't ask me to make you one. It really will cause me a lot of anxiety.

3. I saw a guy giving an intense back massage. I really wanted to ask him to stop because it seriously go uncomfortable, and frankly I was trying to feel the spirit. And he was getting a little TOO intimate.

4. I went to Temple Square with the most beautiful girls I know. What a beautiful way to kick off the Christmas season.

5 and 6. And while we were there, I dreamed of owning everything in the Anthropologie window, and I treated myself to the best red velvet cheesecake on the planet. Thank you City Creek and thank you Cheesecake Factory.

7. I had plenty of study parties.

8. And I ate some more, with more beautiful people. Great food and great company make for a great time. The creamery has the best chicken strips and cracked pepper fries. Oh and let's not forget their German Chocolate Crunch and Peanut Butter Trails ice cream. Oh man, I would drive an hour and a half to get some right now.

9. So then...I got some pizza, but it wasn't just any old pizza. It was the best pizza on the planet people. The best. Okay so I am pretty sure there is better pizza in this world, but SLAB pizza takes the cake on a Rosemary Potato Bacon Pizza, and a Thai Chicken Pizza. The pieces are huge and you can split them with a friend or awesome sibling. I chose the sibling.

10. Finals week came and I spent a lot of my time in the library. I studied like there was no tomorrow. There is a certain hunger that you have for home and mine was insatiable. (Look at me using big words...what a college student.)

11. A letter from my Valley Boy missionary came, and I was the happiest girl that day. Some days I miss Jarett more than anything but I know he is serving the Lord and that is where I want him to be. Oh Elder Iverson, you are the greatest.

12. Then I finally got home. I finished my exams and my first night home I went and looked at lights with my Daddy-O.

13. I also came home to the most festive and Christmasey house. It was like my mom became Buddy the Elf when she was decorating.

14. Well it is considerably colder up north, and my fall jacket wasn't doing it's job. So I went coat shopping. I haven't found the one yet. But the two in the picture are definitely on my list. I guess I'll let Santa choose.

15. My milkshakes!

16. I found the outfit of my future husband...on a mannequin...and I really wished it was real.

17. I almost got a really great chambray shirt. It's a shame when things don't fit right and aren't flattering. Tsk. Tsk.

So that's my life lately. Thanks for caring. See you tomorrow. Stay gold.

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