I don't always eat french toast...

Monday, January 21, 2013

...but when I do, it's from Kneaders.

Today was my first time tasting the immaculate delicacy known as Kneader's Unlimited French Toast. It is pure heaven, and I only have one measly picture to show for it, but if you've tasted it you understand. If you haven't tried it and you know there is a Kneaders near by, run to your car, jump in, and SPEED to the closest restaurant. 

You won't regret it. Totes. #sorrynotsorrythatisaidtotes

So Emilee was super great enough to send me the really artistic picture that she took. She does a far better job than I do at the whole "using instagram to actually take nice pictures" thing.

Photo Courtesy of Emilee

Look at that! It's perfection. Notice that whipped cream? Yep. It's the best.

Oh and I must mention this, today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I am so grateful for that man. I will forever be grateful. He was truly sent from God. Let us all be grateful for him no matter our gender, race, creed and let us all remember his ever so wise words...

Photo courtes of Kendi Everyday via @eatsleepwear's Pinterest
Have a happy day, friends. I'm going to laser tag and attempt to finish some homework. 
Stay gold.


  1. kneaders is my weakness. I may or may not go there every week...

    1. I am so with you! No judgements. No judgements at all. There is always time for Kneaders.


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