I am becoming a shoe addict..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

 *DISCLAIMER*All of these shoes are incredibly pricey. I'm on a clothing fast so I naturally am wanting all the expensive things at the moment. If that makes you queasy, you don't even have to read this post. I won't be offended! That's all.

Yes, it's true. I love clothes, you know, pants, shirts, coats, yadda yadda. But there is something about shoes. Shoes with studs, high heels, glitter, floral prints, leather. I love them all and I would buy pair after pair if that wasn't wrong in some way. I think when April rolls around I'll be asking for shoes on my day of birth. That sounds like a grand idea.

 I got my first pair of loafers from Target in the cute leopard print. I think I have worn those to death. Of course, I still wear them, but they need a companion. Someone to carry the burden that is my feet. I love Target for their loafers, but who could resist neon pink leather loafers from J.Crew? That's right. No one.

 Favorite shoe that J.Crew makes? The Etta Pump. I am drooling over the glitter heel. And are those hummingbirds? Yes.

Of course Kate Spade makes the cutest flats known to man! I am a total sucker for glitter (obviously) and stripes. Plus there is a bow. Kate Spade, never stop being cute.

 These vans are out of the loop with the style of the shoes above, but these are the shoes I want more than anything right now. I love Vans. I am impressed with their quality and I like the style. I always get jealous of guys and their great leather shoes. Thank goodness Vans came out with a style for the ladies. I'll take a size 8 please! Happy birthday to me?!

What shoes are you in the market for right now? What is your favorite style to wear? Do you consider yourself a shoe addict? Comment below. Happy wishing! 

Stay golden. Or gold. Whatever. 

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  1. Loving all o these shoes! Especially those Kate Spade flats ;)
    xo TJ


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