sore throats and sniffly noses

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This post will be brief and it will be about how I won't be writing blog posts until I finish all of my homework and take two tests.

So yesterday was beautiful. The sun was shining and birds were chirping. All was well until my last class of the day. I was just sitting there listening to my professor talk about the evolution of music and mass communications and I decided to swallow the saliva building in my mouth and suddenly I felt it. pain. Itchiness. Mucusey irritation. And so I swallowed again and again and that dreaded feeling came over me.

I'm getting sick.

Then I felt like crying.

Then my nose started  running.

Then I walked home and sat on the couch and stayed there until I achily ate an orange. Bless the orange. And I did too many physical things like volleyball and stretching and stuff that sick people shouldn't do. And I craved a huge piece of pizza and more oranges. And orange juice.

I'm sick.

So I'm not going to post anything. Yeah. I think I already said that.

Do any of you have sick day remedies. Or ways to make it through class when you're sick?

Stay gold.


  1. I absolutely hate that feeling. Dreadful.

  2. Oh, feel better! I just try not to think about it. <3


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