Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I had the opportunity to spend the ENTIRE weekend with my family. It was the greatest. I was filled with wisdom. I came to know myself even better. I left with questions, but I left with the answers I desperately needed. On the drive back to Provo, I felt like a kid again. My mom was driving and we were laughing and talking like we always did back when I was in high school. We were driving to the rising sun and laughing at the fact that the radio plays Ke$ha WAY too early. Fortunately enough, we listened and didn't turn off the radio, because the next song made me so incredibly happy I didn't even notice my coughing lungs.

Just enjoy the cheesiness and try to fight back tears (seriously, I almost cry every time I hear this.) You are all totally worth more than gold.
So like I always say...
Stay gold. And have a very terrific Tuesday!


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