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Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have this feeling that when I get married I will be really tempted to register my husband and I at Anthropologie, strictly for their home furnishings/goods. But of course I won't do that, because that seems rude, but a girl can dream. (I feel like I use that that phrase every wishlist...oh well.)

First of all, when I walk into Anthropologie I go straight to the aprons, not the cute sweater or sequin skirts, the aprons. I am wishing for this one. Can't you see me assembling a crock pot meal or making scrumptious baked goods in this?

Bahia Apron // Anthropologie

Then I head on over to the mugs. Monograms, mix and match saucers, or this lovely, minty cup perfect for sipping tea from.

Old Havana Mug // Anthropologie

And then I squeal at all the cooking utensils. I need measuring hedgies and measuring spoons with little ducks on them. Make sure not to drop them though, everything is made of glass or some sort of ceramic.

Measuring Hedgies // Anthropologie

And let's not forget this little cutie that I always pick up when I'm there...
Isn't this magnetic timer so retro looking? It's way cooler than using the timer on the microwave. Hands down, cooler.

Magnetic Timer // Anthropologie

Are you a sucker for things like this at Anthropologie?
What are you wishing for right now?
Comment below and stay gold.

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