The Loveliest #2

Friday, March 8, 2013

I get in these moods where I listen to the same beautiful songs over and over again. Does that happen to you? Are there songs that you can listen to for like a whole month and never get tired of them? I love music like that. Here are some songs that I just never seem to get tired of because they are so darn lovely. They make you want to fall in love or look at the stars.

1.Who Are We Fooling (Feat. Aqualung) by Brooke Fraser

2. Dear True Love by Sleeping at Last 

3. Sailboats by Brooke Fraser

4. Oh My Stars by Andrew Belle

5. I Love You and Buddha Too by Mason Jennings

6. Morning Song by The Lumineers

7. Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor by Mason Jennings

P.S. I didn't include lyrics because today I feel like being lazy. Plus, I have a group interview tonight and I'm sweating bullets. No time to ponder poetic lyrics. I'm sure you understand.

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