This is getting crazy...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Really though, another Friday? All I can say is that I'm incredibly grateful. Oh and not to mention that it's General Conference weekend, bring on the cinnamon rolls, tears, and enlightenment. Bring. It. On. Elder Holland I am ready for you! (P.S. I will say President Uchtdorf and Elder Scott are my favorite speakers, well I like them all, but sometimes Elder Holland scares me. Just sayin' He's just so powerful.)

Favorite #1: I GOT THE JOB! I don't think I ever mentioned that I was applying for a Peer Mentor position here on campus, and if I did I was probably talking about all of the other jobs I was applying for, but this one was at the top of my list and I got it! Oh words cannot describe how grateful I am for this opportunity! I cannot wait to mentor young freshman. I can't wait to be surrounded by the kindest of people. I cannot wait to work hard, to grow, to change, and to see my students grow and change. I am so incredibly grateful for this tremendous opportunity. I won't let you down! I won't!

Favorite #2: Bean and Cheese Burritos
I know, I know, probably not the healthiest thing but I seriously love those things. I was at Winco the other day and I wanted to buy one frozen meal and I chose those and I'm sure glad I did, because I was starving yesterday and needed grub and those were the easiest things to whip up. I mean you put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. Add a thick slice of colby jack and salsa and call it dinner for a college student minus the ramen.

Favorite #3: 100 Rules of Dinner 
(Yeah, I just posted this after talking to you about my bean and cheese burritos. Not ashamed.) 

Favorite #4: Life of Pi
I watched it with a friend yesterday and I was mesmerized by the outstanding beauty.

Favorite #5: Raspberry and Blueberry Granola and yogurt.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack of Zeus. I am a sucker for that combo. 

Favorite #6: #mightlove 
Pretty much the best internet spamming ever.

Favorite #7: This tree.
Who could not be in love with those blossoms?

Favorite #8: The fact that Everlane has belts now.

Favorite #9: My birthday is in 8 days! AH! 20 years old can you believe it?

Favorite #10: This pretty bauble for the wrist.

Favorite #11: Pointed-toe flats for the win.
And if these sandals aren't the cutest, I don't know what cute is anymore.

Favorite #12: The fact that Talor is on Instagram. I die. Beware Miss Cunningham, I am coming for your photos...expect a #mightlove gram soooooon.

So what have been your favorites of the week? What are you cooking up for dinner tonight? Any suggestions? Anything you'd like to say? If so, comment below. Stay gold.


Have a very happy and very safe weekend.


  1. Cute! Love the blossom and can't wait for spring to hit London! Still freeeeezing here

    1. Thank you for stopping by! We were surprised by freezing rain this morning. Let's cross our fingers in hopes that Spring comes quickly.


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