And so it is...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Like Damien Rice said, "Life goes easy on me...most of the time." And it's true. It does. Well, except for tonight, and it's really not bad. My FHE group was non-existent so I'm pretty much stuck writing this for all of you while everyone else is having a grand old time at the rec center. Ain't no thang.

Well let's talk about life. Let me give you some updates. Some pictures. Some laughs and some incredibly cheesy blogging.

First, I'm on Bloglovin' now so you may find me there.  Give my blog a look over or two. If you're reading this than you probably already do. So thanks for that. Thank you from the bottom of my juicy heart.

Second things second, summer is here. Yes, yes it is. And here are some pictures to show it! Enjoy! (Really, looking back I realize that none of these are summery at all. Oh well.)

1. Makenna, Kaitlyn and I took a trip over to one of our favorite places, Pizza Pie Cafe. The waiters are awesome the pizza is tasty and the dessert pizzas are even better. Plus, the laughter makes the experience.

2. I think I've started believing in myself.

3. Snow cones the size of your head. If that doesn't scream summer, I don't know what does.

4. We were smiling but secretly we were hating every bit of that Physical Science review.

5. What do I always say?

6. I am now a big believer in Double-Double's and In-N-Out fries. I guess that comes when you date a kiddo from Cali-forn-IA.

7. Ezra Koenig, ladies and gents. Ezra Koenig.

8. My favorite summer sweater. Yes, I said summer and sweater in the same sentence. So many S's.

9.  The Bang Gang. No I'm not sorry.

10. My dad is the best.

11. These two. And The Hobbit. With some Smaug in there.

12. You know, I wouldn't even mind having that Thai Peanut Pasta in my stomach right now. Guru's needs to be in my life way more than it is.

13. This quote made me cry in the middle of the library once.

14. Hairy Otter come to life!

15. The lights at The Riverwoods are my favorite.

16. Trees are my favorite. It was definitely a good time for trees when I took that picture.

17. Father's Day came around! We spent the day at a Ward BBQ playing baseball and eating delicious grub. My dad is the best. Really though, I love that man.

18. Along with being home meant Music and the Spoken work in the morning with him. It's one of our traditions.

19. This boy. He is my favorite.

20. Megan and I were the first to finish our burgers at the Red Robin girls night.

21. Mr. Ty brought me the best peony in the entire universe. Best boyfriend. Yes.


23. Honor Night with David Betterman.

24. Dsu being the best papa.

25. And finally, Happy birthday Abuela! I love you so much and so does Tyler...and I know you love him. It's the greatest.


  1. You are too sweet! And jealous about in and out burger! We don't have it here :( x

    1. Aww..YOU'RE sweet! I used to not like In-N-Out now I crave it WAY too much.


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