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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prioritizing. I royally blow at doing so. Instead of studying for Physical Science (which I know I'll regret deeply in another hour) I am writing this because Madewell has won over my heart. So has Pinterest. I've got the pinspiration of a lifetime. Ya dig? 'Cause I sure do.



I hear that these are the summer shoe in Europe. Don't we all want to be like the Europeans? Of course we do. I'll take a pair in every color then, but the white really show off a nice tan. You can thank me later.
I have never been the biggest fan of Keds, but these...these take all the cake and all the frosting too. Eyelets, galore I say! Eyelets galore!
Floral Keds...with suede laces. Get in my closet. NOW!
These are beyond BA. White snake skin? Holla. Holla back gurl. Okay I'm done.
Call me crazy, but I would wear these every day of the summer.
I want you. Yes, I do.
These scream Miss Nat the Fat Rat. *drools*
These have been featured once or twice before. I am a 20 year old girl who still loves glitter. But who could resist the thick heel and the immense amount of gold sparkle? No one. Not even a guy.

Clothes and Accessories

Bought this sweater on a whim last week because my heart was where my brain should be and I found myself falling for a kid from California so it was only natural that I got a sweater with crustaceans on it.
To go along with the summer whites theme. A pretty little dress never hurt anybody.
This shirt is rocking my socks right off. Right off, I tell ya!
I will want this cardigan for as long as I shall live.
Really obsessed with deep blues and forever obsessed with lace. Oh and scallops. Yes scallops.
Should have snagged this one with the sweater. That arrow head.
These are MAJOR right now. Mint and major. There you go.


Kendi. Rocking the hunter wellies and that festive dress. I want it all.
Tres chic. Yes.
If you're not wishing for white dresses this summer...then you better start.
Just leave me alone, Free People. Leave me alone with those shorts.
The white. The red. The ease. Majorrrr. Courtesy of Vogue.
Mixing prints is probably my most favorite trend. Ever.
Last but not least, I'm still ready to rock the overalls this Spring/Summer. Let's make it happen overalls!

Wish away, my friends! Wish away! 

Stay gold. 

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