Insomnia Strikes Again

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This counts as a Monday Musing, because I spent the majority of my Monday night not sleeping. I got two hours and I hate myself for waking up, but what could Tyler do? The couch in Jamestown 31 wasn't going to work out for me. To which I say, "Ahhh rats." But we all know I would have said something else.

So yes, about the same time last year I was writing these posts late at night or early in the morning, what have you, because sleep hated me. It's happening again. Sleepless nights. I need a sleeping buddy that's not a boy. I need familiarity. I need to stop reading cheesy Mormon novels that don't put me to sleep. I need to stop reading every blog post Taza and Nat ever write and I need to stop looking at clothes online. Insomnia remedies naturally. Yeah seriously this is the worst. I think I have listened to every conference talk ever. I think I have looked at every little thing on Instagram twenty billion times. I think it's either time to buy my pillow spray again or to just learn better ways to clear my mind. Yeah. That's what I'll do. Wish me luck, and if I'm a zombie on Terrific Tuesday, you know why. Take caution friends and family I'm going to be a monster tomorrow and we all know it. Sorry not sorry. Now I'll stretch a bit and go close my eyes. Holla at your girls. Peace.

Stay gold.

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