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Friday, July 19, 2013

First of all, I need to get this favorite out of the way or I'll simply explode. WORLD WAR Z! Let's. Get. Real. I don't know why this wasn't mentioned in a favorites before, oh I know why, it's because I haven't written one of these buggers in like 50 years. Anyway yes, World War Z is making it to number 1 on this favorites list. Let me start this far too long paragraph on why I loved that movie so much. So Super Ty and I have seen about 7 movies in theatres together, let me list them all. The Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, After Earth, Despicable Me 2, Pacific Rim, and the best one of them all World War Z. Being the cheap college students that we are, we have to hear extremely awesome reviews or have previous history with the title of the film to actually pay the full 6-10 dollars for a ticket. Great Gatsby made us too depressed and pseudo-trippy. Iron Man 3 was front row and Tyler HAD to see it. Man of Steel was a villain throwing a tantrum and buildings dying. After Earth (a dollar theatre find, so I shouldn't complain too much) was Will Smith at his worst. Despicable Me 2 was funny, adorable, but our eyes were far too droopy to enjoy it to the fullest. Pacific Rim, we were soooo incredibly excited for because we heard amazing things about the show and then...wah-wiggidy-wah. Those Kaiju whatever the ef those were...too big and WAY TOO LOUD. Plus the acting? Yeah, no.

Well then what about World War Z. Oh Brad Pitt. Oh World War Z. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for being the redeeming quality for summer movies, because the heavens surely know that this summer has royally flopped when it has come to going to the theatre. World War Z had a great cast, great acting, great cinematography, great music, great lighting, but most of all...the STORY WAS INCREDIBLE and great it was great too. Zombie apocalypse? Yeah. So good. The intensity and intelligence of that film makes me want to go watch it again. Right now. There were so many jumpy moments but also moments where you could sit and think...wow Brad Pitt is such a BA family guy, I like his grungy cool hippy dad look...Or you could be completely seriously thinking, how the hell are they going to get away from those creepy things, or what's in Wing-B? Or holy crap there is a zombie in that dark alley and on that airplane. And what is the cure? What is it? How are they going to stop this insanity!?! Seriously guys, go watch it. No regrets if you do, I promise. Cross my heart.

Second, The Last of Us. Staying on that zombie craze, Tyler bought this game a while ago and I have been watching him play. It reminds me of when I would watch Frankie and Spencer play Final Fantasy when I was little. It's like watching a movie. Joel and Ellie on an adventure to get to the Fireflys and avoid salty bandits, creepy zombies, blind zombies called clickers, and the infamous bloaters that I haven't encountered yet. It's a joy ride. Tyler's roommates get into it too. Call us nerdy, lazy college students. We don't care. P.S. we don't even play longer than an hour at most. We're cool like that.

Third, Mom, Krystal, and Grandma came for a visit yesterday and we gorged on SLAB Pizza. I don't even need to say anything more because it's pretty self explanatory.

Fourth, actually I do. We took a little trip to Traverse Mountain Outlets with them and Tyler bought two shirts (this is huge guys, this kid never buys new clothes that aren't from family thrift shoppe or DI) and I might have gotten two things from a clearance section but that doesn't even matter. The prices were killing it. For reals. 

Fifth, and lastly, I want to leave you with a favorite song of the week. Furr by Blitzen Trapper. The beauty of this song can't be beat.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to escape the pungent smell of menudo coming from the lunch being eaten behind me.

Have a safe and beautiful weekend, friends.

Stay gold.

P.S. Have you heard Vampire Weekend's Blurred Lines cover on BBC Radio? I can't even. 

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  1. My husband is obsessed with Brad. Man crush! Dying to see WWZ now :)
    Vampire weekend:awesomeness x


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