Madewell and J.Crew Factory are OFFICIALLY my favorite. As if you didn't already know that.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh man. Words can't even start to describe how much I want to go shopping right now.

1 // I saw a girl in the library wearing the camel colored version of this. It was dreamy...but this is dreamier. Gray always gets me. Plus the intarsia French girl? Irresistible.
2 // Stripe AND polka dots?! Pattern colorblocking!? No way!
3 // Straight from the Men's section, WITH elbow patches. I died and went to sweater heaven!
4 // It comes in this dusty and deep moody blue. Oh man.
5 // When I was adding this to the wishlist, Tyler was like...Oooo I really like that. You should get that. And I think I shall. This is probably my favorite pick of the bunch. The black version is killing it too.
6 // I walked into the store the other day and this was the first thing to catch my eye. This is a gem. A gem and a half.
7 // Sometimes Madewell makes the perfect sweater. This is that sweater.
8 // Or maybe this one is?
9 // NO. This one for sure. Red is going to be huge this Fall. I can feel it. (Dani, let's get real, Red is huge every season.) Can I just have that whole outfit?
10 // "Como estas?" "Bien. Y tu?" Bien indeed Madewell, bien indeed.
11 // If J.Crew keeps this up, I'll be shopping from the Men's section from now on.
12 // A Lady find. And it's nice. Real nice.
13 // Oh man. I so want a plaid work shirt for the fall. Flannel, red, forest green, and navy plaid to be exact.
14 // The jean jacket to the rule them all! Minus the sweats. Get out of here sweats.
15 // I just. *sigh*
16 // Probably the comfiest shirt around town.
17 // You can never go wrong with a shirt in eggshell or white or cream. Or whatever. You just can't.
18 // Fall wardrobe. Heather charcoal. It's mandatory.
19 // Blush was a color that was meant for me. The only pinks I will wear. Neon. Hot. And blush.
20 // Pom pom!
21 // A girl in my ward was wearing these and I swooned. Emerald is so good.

Can you tell what I've been wishing for lately? Are you ready for sweater weather? I sure am...I'm already pulling them out. Let's get real, it's way too hot for sweaters right now anyway. Boo.

What are some of your favorites from this wishlist? 

Happy wishing. Stay gold.

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