Whoa, I have a good life.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I hate to be one of those people that talks about how great their life is, but that's what this blog is for. So don't hate. Appreciate. And as you read this post maybe think of things that make your life just so darn swell. (P.S. This is totally late...school is harshing my mellow.)

So the other day I was particularly stressed as was everyone else in this entire world at this time of year. And I was at that point where all of my stress water was boiling and about to overflow like boiling spaghetti water does over that silver pot that you always use. I had to take a moment to step away from everyone around me, even Tyler and usually I go to him during stressful moments. And I was just sitting there and my eyes were starting to well up and I felt that hot, sweaty, stinging feeling. You know, that feeling when you are about to lose it? And right then and there some recollection from the day ( I seriously can't even remember what it was), flashed through my mind and I started to cry. And it wasn't that gross, I hate my life, I can't handle this kind of cry, it was a "OH MY GOSH...I'M SO UNGRATEFUL...LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...I'M SO BLESSED!" kind of cry.

I have a dad who is always watching out for me. Who loves me. Who pays for my education when there is no possible way that I can. Who gives so much to others and expects nothing in return. Who works hard each and every day in circumstances that he might not always enjoy. Who is selfless and hard working and cares more than any other person I know.

I have AMAZING roommates. Roommates that love me. Roommates that accept me and my boyfriend. Roommates that put up with my personality and way of living. Who make me laugh. Who make me happy. Who my are sisters away from Krystal.

I have a boyfriend that I can't even start to describe how wonderful and good he is. Man, I love you Tyler. (gushy gush)

I have a roof over my head. Food in my belly. Money in my bank account. A Gospel that is true.

A Heavenly Father and Big Brother that love me and are on my side. They have blessed me with a beautiful life. With beautiful people. A beautiful family and incredible opportunities. So no matter how hard the times may be or how much "boiling over" is happening. I should laugh. And smile and think...yes, yes life is wonderful, beautiful, grand, happy, and ever so lovely.

I hope there are things that you are grateful for today and tomorrow and the next day.

stay gold.

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