Monday Musing: A Guide to Eating at the Cougar Eat. Yeah that place.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Oh luscious life. Food is probably one of my favorite things about life. I love it. I love food. There I confessed. Now you know. Here's the deal though people, when you're a college student, sometimes grocery shopping goes on the back burner. And when you're trying to pay rent and trying to survive and don't have a car...sometimes you end up having to go out to eat to the nearest place possible. Which just costs more money and isn't that healthy. And then you have found that you have gained 10 pounds and you are sick to your stomach whenever the idea of chicken nuggets from precious Chick-Fil-A comes to mind. I think I have reached that predicament. Oh yes...yes I have.

So whilst in this predicament and stage of eating life, I thought I would write a musing about the Cougareat. Because this is where I am. And I just finished eating food. And I feel sick. And I want to eat colorful foods from now on, and I need to go on a run. And I need to write this so I can feel better about myself. Ya dig?

So here's tip #1: Don't go at lunch time. And when I say lunch time, I mean like the time between 11:00-1:00. Especially NOT at 12:00. 12:05 to be exact. That's the definite worst. I got lucky today because one of my classes is awesome and the teacher always wants to let us out early and it's probably because he's old and has the coolest accent and he probably has way better things to do with his time like read the newspaper or edit the newspaper for heaven's sake. Let's get real. Don't go at lunch time. Go at obscure times like 11:27, 3:00 if you want a late lunch, 12:18. But really people.

Tip #2: When your stomach is in a bunch, eat a healthy lunch. Yeah I just made that up on the worked though. If you have a bunchy stomach and when I say bunchy...I mean like maybe you have a little roll of pudge, or maybe you don't feel good, or maybe you are on a clean eating streak...just stay on that streak and eat healthy. Now here's the deal. Those healthy things are hard to find. Like really hard. Especially when you really like Taco Bell, and that freaking new Chick Fil A or Freschetta (that's a straight up joke. No one likes Freschetta). Something leafy, green, fruity...what have you isn't always appealing when you could be munching on a bean burrito after a hard day of morning classes. But go for it. It's SO worth it. The Hawaiian Luau wrap is dang tasty at the L&T. Did I mention it is chuck full of salad, nuts, mangos, and veggies? Oh yeah. Go eat that right now. The Cougar Express also has a great array of salads, sushi, and fruit smoothies.

Speaking of smoothies Tip #3: Don't know what to eat? Power size it up at Jamba Juice. That will fill you up. Plus, if you have a BYU planner, you get a free upgrade. Booya. (I really hate booya...but lately I've been saying it SO much. I gotta stop.) Does anyone want to power size a peanut butter moo'd with me?

Tip #4: Mix it up. I know no one ever wants to end a real good thing, but this isn't Thai Chicken Pizza at SLAB people, this is the Cougareat we're talking about. The place where there's probably only ONE good thing at each restaurant. Don't get that same subway sandwich each and every time. Try something new. I'm a living testament that an obsession with chicken nuggest and chick fil a sauce will only end in tummy misery and a slight dizzy spell.

Tip #5: Get a water. Bring a waterbottle. Just do it. Oh and...if you want a different drink, the DragonFruit Power-C Vitamin Water is the way to go. No contest needed.

And finally, Tip #6: Bring your own lunch. This tip is more for me than anyone else. GO grocery shopping, get some veggies, get some snacks, get some bread, meat, cheese, healthy things. Take it home. Pack a lunch and enjoy. Munch all you want. Feel accomplished while preparing it. Get a cute lunch bag to carry it in if you want. Do anything that will make you stop spending money on over priced fast food and eat a lunch that will make you feel good about life and your body and everything else.

And that's all my friends. That is all.

Stay gold.

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