We Are the Tide

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1. We Are the Tide by Blind Pilot 

"And war is in our hearts, and blood is in the land we love. We keep breaking our backs, hoping that it gives enough."

This has definitely been the song of the month. Every time I open Spotify this is the first song I go to. And I listen and listen and listen. I just think he has a beautiful voice and the lyrics are beautiful and apparently I need to listen to their whole album, says Tyler. Which I will and I'll cry a little. That's how much I'll love it.

2. Ya Hey by Vampire Weekend 

"Through the fire and through the flames, you won't even say your name. Through the fire and through the flames, you won't even say your name: Only "I am that I am". But who could ever live that way?"

So I was never into Vampire Weekend at the beginning of their time, but after meeting Tyler they are all I want to listen to. I am still getting used to their first two albums but I absolutely love their third. I think this is my favorite song by them. Yes, my heart is particular to Unbelievers, but this one is by far the best musically and lyrically. Who could ever live that way, people? 

3. Only the Ocean by Jack Johnson

"After all this time after all these seasons. After your one decision to go to the water for reason. Now it's only the ocean and you. After all these lines will all be erased soon. They go out with the tide. Then come back with the waves. It's only the ocean and you. When these sails go up, mountains fade away. Stars come out, I'm finally free. Now it's only the ocean and me. You just roll over me and you pull me in."

Ooo the chills and salty eyes came with this one today. I love Mr. Johnson and this song so much. It speaks to my soul. I miss the ocean. 

4. Pompeii by Bastille 

"And the walls kept tumbling down, in the city that we love. Great clouds roll over the hills, bringing darkness from above."

Bastille was a great discovery. Pompeii is going to be HUGE.  Bastille will be big. Just watch.

5. Santa Fe by Beirut 

"Sign me up, Santa Fe." 

Probably the only Beirut song that I like, and I'm definitely okay with that. This one is a keeper for sure. It definitely reminds me of summer days and that's fine by me any time of the year. 

6. Time to Run by Lord Huron 

"I've no regrets, I will not ask for your forgiveness. Lower your defense, run away with me and it'll all make sense. I did it all for you, don't spurn me after all I've gone through. No time to rest, I'm gonna find me a life oh way out west."

Alright Lord Huron, hurry up and become the best up and coming band already. This song is sooo good. So good.

Have any song suggestions for me? What's on your playlist?
Happy listening. Stay gold.

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