Pinspiration: Layers upon layers upon layers

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Man alive, I haven't done one of these in a while. And seeing as there are no wishlist items today, I thought I would talk about what's inspiring me on Pinterest. Ya dig? Ah yeah.

 (all photos are courtesy of pinterest and the links that they direct you to...I don't own any of them.) 
The key to layering this fall. An oversized, perfectly plaid, perfectly flannel shirt, with the sleeves cuffed just right. Put an anorak, denim jacket, lazy day cardi, or a chunky scarf, perhaps a hat? You're gold, my friends. Pure gold. Photo Source

Caroline de Maigret for Madewell was the best decision that store ever made. Her effortless, Parisian chic-ness is killing me. Get your chunky sweater, get your denim jacket, layer it up. Call it good. Photo source.
Hold the phone. This woman is so impeccably bundled up it gives me the chills. See what I did there? Photo source.

Most people on campus would call this hipster, but I call this the best. The best comfy, lazy day outfit ever put together. Photo source.

This outfit. I shall recreate it. Photo source.

Summer layers can be transitioned to fall and winter. Add some leggins or some tights and a sexy pair of boots to go with that sexy slit and that's all you need. Maybe a scarf. Even a hat. Photo source.

Aw man. Beyond good.  Photo source.

Hey, Natalie Jean. I like your style. Photo source.

This isn't much of a layered look, but it COULD be a black dress with a sweater over it and that's, in my opinion, some of the best kind of layering. Photo Source.

I told Ty that we should go to a pumpkin patch, just so I can wear something like this. It's pumpkin patch perfect. Yeah...I'm on the weirdest role. Photo source.

Add tights and a scarf! I'll keep saying it. Gimme them Hunters now! Photo source.
As Tom-Boy chic as Tom-Boy chic gets. Photo source.
The moodiest. The layeriest.  Also possible for recreation. Photo source.

I always have the hardest time figuring out how to wear skirts in the winter. Put on some boots with that long skirt, add a cardigan or sweater and a hat and scarf and really it's the loveliest. And straight out of Europe I think. Photo source, unknown.
What has been inspiring you lately? Today I saw this girl on campus with the most perfect sweater and chino skinnies and gold metallic oxfords. I die. Stay gold. 

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  1. I am so so happy it's Autumn. I love layering up! And I love cosy jumpers, winter hats, thick scarves. It's my favourite time of year!! xx


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