A little thing about love or two...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tyler had an obnoxiously terrible cold last night. (When I say 'had'...today he seemed so much better. It's a wonder what sleep can do.) A snuffly and gurgly and coughy and head fuzzy and achey and things cold. With a beanie pulled over his face and a huff and puff and a sneeze or two he drifted in and out of restless sleep while I tried to understand appropriation and media law. I tried not to say much, I didn't want to disturb him very much. And in the words of Tyler himself, "engagement is so educational, isn't it." You'd say I learned a thing or two about love looking at his "all arms and legs" body sprawled out on the tiny love seat.

I'm no love expert, but I learned to cherish precious moments where you can sit in a warm and peaceful place watching the person you love so sick and tired, sleep. I learned that love is speaking quietly in admiration and tender affection, even if you are frustrated about events during the day or a quiz you have to take. Holding that person you care so much about in their vulnerable moments gives you a peek into love. Beautiful. Peaceful. Love. It's forgetting your troubles for one moment to comfort that person. To let them know it will all be okay and that things will be better and that sleep will help and that you love them so much that forever seems too far away.

That's love. To me, anyway.

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