It's time to be more lovely...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I think we should go back to the basics. I'm a big user of social media like pinterest and instagram...and I've fallen victim to comparing my life to the beautiful people I see. Like the girl that got over 200 likes on her bridal shower announcement or engagement photo. But that's not okay. Guys, that's just a waste of energy and emotion. Now it's time to become ourselves. To become our own. To become more lovely. To return to our original state. To return to the dream self we want to become. Because becoming better and trying to reach all your goals is never wrong. Love your life. And who you are. Here are some favorites that can help us feel a little bit more lovely.

1. You can make your life, love, and happiness grand

2.  Some motivating words from one of my favorite bloggers ever. 

3. A beautiful essay about family. 

4. This candle will make you swoon. 

6. Cried

7. A simple philosophy

8. Make a board on pinterest of "you in a dream." Some people may think that this defeats the purpose, but it really does help you achieve who you want to become. It's not unrealistic it helps you feel like a superwoman. 

9. Go eat your favorite food

10. Buy the rollerball form of your favorite perfume. 

11. Get a tumblr and actually learn how to use it. It's not hard and it is a wonderful way to express yourself!

12. Try that D.I.Y. you've always wanted to but have always been afraid to try because you thought it would never turn out. 

13. Keep/Make a journal of thoughts, inspiration, quotes, and feelings.

But the ultimate way for me to remember to stay lovely is to remember to....

Stay gold. 


  1. Love you, Dani. I was so blown away by Nat's essay about her dad as well. And I'm a sucker for moleskine too. So yes.

  2. Thank you for the shout out my love! You are perfect :)
    xo TJ


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