Friday Favorites: Let's Go to Space

Friday, February 21, 2014

p h o t o c r e d

What are your plans this weekend? Tyler and I have lots of homework, but we have a movie night, dinner, and some fun errands planned. The lives of married college students. Soooo radical. To be honest, we'll probably watch Friday Night Lights while folding laundry. That's the solid truth. No shame. No shame.

Let me know what you're doing and enjoy the favorites.

1. If you live in Utah, you can go to space. A la Star Trek. Believe me, it's a total blast.

2.A recipe to help you get through the Winter. Except, the weather has been pretty wonderful in the valley lately, let's hope it stays!

3. Speaking of recipes. Mel's Kitchen Cafe.

4. A unique garden. Where's my green thumb? Could I do this in my apartment?

5. Stolen from Cup of Jo. I agree...pretty shirt (and haircut), indeed.

6. How true is this sometimes?

7. Oh my word, I saw this article on twitter the other day? Could you go without?

8. Another steal from Cup of Jo. Minimalism at its finest.

9.  I'm on the hunt for nude and black flats.

10. The springiest!

11. Spring Street Style

12.  Another pretty dress.

13. I might just make this for my own birthday cake.

+ h a p p y // w e e k e n d

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