Friday Favorites // Spring Break

Monday, April 28, 2014

p h o t o 

Well, not really. We don't have a Spring Break at the Y...but we are in-between terms and I'm only working in the Spring and Summer so I might as well get my Spring break on. Tonight, Ty and I are hitting up a graduation party BBQ. Then this weekend will probably consist of long-awaited SLAB pizza and the Aquarium (eek!). What are you up to?

1 // Try to be kinder, graduates!

2 // This house! 

3 // I got a Daisy...and I was the happiest girl around.

4 // Um..yum!

5 //  9 basics that you can dress up or down.

6 //  Have steak in your fridge and don't know how to marinade it? Well this marinade is for you.

7 //  This is the greatest thing in my closet. 

8 //  Pretty blouse for Spring. 

9 // I could wear these every single day.

10 // And one more item on my wish list.

11 // Oh this sleeping area is so cozy and lovely.

12 // Don't you just love the weekend? 

13 // So true. 

+ h a p p y // w e e k e n d 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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