Monday Musing // Oh hey week, you're back.

Monday, April 28, 2014

We are back to the week. Away from the weekend. Here we are. Oh I don't know how I feel. I always like greeting the week with positivity and happiness, but I'm in this weird limbo phase. I couldn't really take classes in the Spring because of class availability so I'm working and I'm having a hard time adjusting. Not to the work, but the no school part. It makes me really nervous actually.

I mean, to be honest, I think I am still trying to figure myself out. Like I know who I am. Dani. I am Dani, wife of Tyler, daughter of Frank and Lys, sister of 3 cool cats, lover of fashion, pizza enthusiast, instagram and 2048 obsessed. Like I know that part. But the hobby part of me, the free time part of me is something new. So here we go. Here I go. Wish me luck.

I've already made steps though, and I'm finally going to start planning meals around this apartment more. Tyler and I try to eat at home a lot, but the meals aren't always the greatest because they are repetitive and usually have the same thing. I mean, they are tasty, but we are ready to try new things, and now I have the time to do that. So I took the challenge and made HOMEMADE ROLLS! WAHOOO!

Guys, these words came from Tyler's mouth, "these taste like the bread they give you at the sourdough factory at disneyland!"

You better believe I kissed that boy straight on the mouth after that.

So yes, these rolls are mm-mm-good. 

Give them a try.

Also, check everything out about Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Every recipe is divine...or I think they would be. I have tried a lot.

Oh P.S. let them dough balls rise for 45 minutes uncovered, I had mine covered lightly and some of the rolls flattened out. Derp. It's fine. Still yummy.

Try new things! From pinterest from magazines from d.i.y.'s that's a goal I have let's go week, I'm ready for you!

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