Friday Favorites // Saturday Night Edition

Saturday, June 14, 2014

p h o t o 

I have decided that all Friday Favorites posted on Saturday will be named Saturday Edition. Yep. There we go. Happy Father's Day weekend, friends.

1 // She is the loveliest person I know. 

2 // Florals. 

3 // If you don't want to spend $80-$130 on Birkenstocks. 

4 // One more pair of shoes. Sweaty feet central or Throwback all day every day?

5 // A bucket list we could all try out.

6 // Ever heard of a fashion first-aid kit? 

7 // 5 Reasons NOT to shop. This is so good. Read it, ladies.

8 // GOLD!

9 // Of course I want to master French Girl style. Who wouldn't?

10 // I actually followed a few of these make up tips this past week. They work!

11 // Bright yellow street style. Perfect for summer!

12 // Pizza. 'Nuf said.

13 // Summer uniform, naturally.

+ h a p p y // w e e k e n d 

+ s t a y // g o l d

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