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Monday, June 16, 2014

p h o t o 


I like wearing stripes, gray, birkenstocks, vans, jeans, and dresses that are three sizes too big. 

I have never been body conscious until two months ago when I realized I had gained so extra pounds. I never thought it would paralyze me with fear so much. 

I have found strength in my husband who is truly my best friend. He is my other half. People used to say that he stressed me out...in fact one time two people told me that I treated him like a child. They accused me of treating someone I loved badly. Well they didn't know the depth of our relationship. They didn't know just how deep my love for him was and that they were the ones that were causing the stress and anger in our relationship. Some people just see what is in front of them, but they don't see the whole picture. They don't see the inner feelings of the heart. They don't see when they don't want to feel...when they are angry and bitter. That's why I never want to be an angry or bitter person. I don't want to be blind. 

He is better than I could ever be. Every day, I aspire to be just like him. 

He is my heart and soul. 

I really love pinterest and instagram. 

Social media gets me down. 

Sometimes I compare myself to other people. 

Sometimes I know that I am pretty kick-butt on certain days and it's the greatest feeling. 

I am learning to be kinder. 

I am learning to forgive. 

Some days I am happy as a clam and free as a bird. 

Some days I am just like Sam Shukusky and I'm looking for my moonrise kingdom with the love of my life. 

And all is well. 

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