Wishlist Wednesday // T-Shirt Dresses

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ladies and Gents, t-shirt dresses are SO important. They really are. Well to me anyway. They are so incredibly easy to wear. Like, you can basically wear them with ANYTHING. Today, I am wearing one with a sweatshirt tossed over it. I got loads of compliments on it. Other times, I have played them up with a cardigan, scarf, or necklace. And let me tell you...they look BOMB with Birkenstocks they just do. So here we go...a wishlist with bits and baubles that I have compiled for the perfect t-shirt dress outfit.

First // The dresses. I own these two below and I absolutely love them. I bought them in XXL. I know , you probably think I'm crazy, but they actually rock. And it looks good. Believe me...my mom told me they did and if she says that then, I'm gold. Both can be found at Target. So great, right? They also come in different colors and stripes. I love it. I personally like neutral items that go with loads of things. Or maybe I'm just afraid of color and too lazy to style all of that mish mash.


Here are some other ones that I'm wishing for...

ASOS, why are you so dreamy? 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Now here are some great extras for your t-shirt dress. Mind you, you can totally wear it plain and you will still look chic. Yes, I said chic.

3 // A straw hat?! I mean, really. How good is this straw hat? 
4 // And if you don't like straw, you can mix prints and go for a floral baseball cap. I mean, cool. Right? 
5 // Now this is my favorite cardigan I have ever owned. When I say it's neon pink...I mean it's neon pink and it looks rad with my striped dress. 
6 // Friends, this is on clearance at Target right now. Don't buy it online. Just run to the store and grab it. It's amazing. And super bright. It looks bomb with navy and white. 
7 // Okay, I might have lied...this one might be my favorite. Nothing beats pineapples. Ever.
I forgot to tell you...these are currently 15% with the Target Cartwheel app. 
8 // Ugh. Must resist. You already have a pair. BUT the white. Gosh goodness. 
9 // Ahem. This belt comes in so many colors. It's amazing. I don't know why you wouldn't buy all of them? All of these belts are good, naturally. 

Finally, get inspired by these pins I found on Pinterest! Grab your t-shirt dresses and go. Run with it. Don't look back.

10 //  Literally am doing everything I can NOT to go out and buy the black version at Target. 
11 // Linen. Sigh. 
12 // Maternity T-shirt dress? Get out of here. 
13 // How I would do it. I love the baby doll look. Makes it a little more feminine. 
14 // The color and accessories are so refreshing.  
15 // The perfect outfit for any college girl on a budget. 

+ h a p p y // w i s h i n g 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

p.s. feel free to try your own variations. i also love these dresses with floral flats , statement necklaces, and vans. 

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  1. I definitely need to invest in a T-shirt dress! I love the jersey knit grey one, I'm already dreaming of all the different ways to style it! Thanks for the marvelous inspiration :) xx

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