Monday Musing // A Muse About Shoes : New Balance Edition

Monday, July 14, 2014

Yes, what a trivial thing to be musing about. Shoes. But the truth is I just can't get them outta my mind. So lately, I have done these two Instagram posts called #SundaySurvey (I know I'm super original and really stick to my posting routines. I'm the greatest.) And I featured New Balance shoes on the first one and Birkenstocks on the second. So I thought I would do a muse about those ugly shoes that everyone wore 20 years ago, but for some awesome reason they are totally rad again and all over Pinterest.

(Next week I'm going ALL out on the Birks. Just you wait and see.)

Yes so here is a little muse about the sneaker that I need in my closet now. Notice the word need. Okay, before you all yell at me...want. I just want them. Is that a crime? No, no not all.

New Balance sneakers. Oh heavens. My brother-in-law Greg wears New Balance sneakers that he has probably had for 20 years, and he's totally awesome, and when I first met him he was wearing them, and I really wished they were in my size and that I could wear them all the time. Here's the dealio, New Balance sneaks are ONLY cool if you don't wear them athletically. So don't do it. Don't try to wear them to the gym. Don't try to wear them running. Wear them with your ripped jeans, non-ripped jeans and your dress and you skinnies and you t-shirt dress and your fancy sweat pants and your cute jean shorts with that perfect white blouse. Don't wear them with your nike running capris or that Lulu Lemon top. If you do, I'll still love you but in my mind I'll tsk at you.

Pst...I will allow you to wear them with oversized tees and sweatshirts though. That's totally acceptable. Heck, wear them however you want. You just won't see me wearing them with athletic clothes. I don't even think the word athletic and my closet go together. Whoops.

Here are my New Balance picks + some Pinspiration, naturally.

1 // #420 is a really go-to popular style. You can go vibrant like these or you could go with more neutral colors. Either way you are throwing it back, and you're good as gold. I think these will be the ones I get eventually. 
2 // Love. Love. Love. #620 is another classic. It's so hard to decide though. These are definitely that neutral sneak with that powerful pop. When I did the survey, a lot of people chose this pair. And I see where they are coming from. They would go with more things and that is totally great. The wear to price ratio is fantastic with these ones. 
3 // Do you see what I'm talking about. NB's (am I allowed to abbreviate the name??) look totally bomb with a Peter Pilotto inspired dress. Hot dang. Get in my closet. This blue pair is sold out everywhere. Thanks, Jules. 
4 // Hold it. I think I want this pair the most. 
5 // We all know if Sydney wears them, we ALL gotta wear them.  
6 // Okay, so we can't all be slinky like this hot mama, but we can have the shoes, and that's enough for me. Is that demeaning, disrespectful? I'm a feminist, yo. 
7 // Do as the Man Repellers do. Repel those men. 

Want to read more about New Balance sneakers (and other sneakers gems)  on my fave website right now? Click, HERE, here, and here

All in all, I'm just saying that these are beating out vans on the throw them on and go grocery shopping shoe. Too bad Nordstrom Rack's mens' shoe section hogs them all.

Stay tuned for the illustrious Birkenstocks next week.

+ h a p p y // m o n d a y 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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