Terrific Tuesday // #PinsMyMomSendsMe

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

p h o t o 

My mom is a gem. She's a gem for a countless number of reasons. She's a bomb cook. She's so in shape it puts all the other in shape people to shame. 

She is kind. She is giving. She is a perfect listener. She is practically perfect in every way.

Oh and she sends me pins. Like a lot. She sends me one probably every single day. Multiple times a day. And I love it. Some are style pins. Most of them are. They are all spot on. Totes spot on. Lately, she has been sending me quote pins, and she sent me this one today. 

Today I was feeling pretty stressed, lethargic, and unmotivated. I was comparing myself to people. I was getting myself down, and then the email notification that she sent me a pin popped up in my inbox and I was instantly refreshed and comforted by my mom and this pin. 

Can I get an amen, preach, and hallelujah? Say no to that unnecessary crazy, people. It's not even worth it. The crazy in our head, in our life, at work, at night, at lunch, at whatever. Just say no to it! 

Be gone unnecessary crazy. Hello, necessary crazy!

And you, yes, you reading this...STAY FLIPPEN GOLD! 

p.s. happy birthday Karly! I love you to pieces. If I were gus gus I would carry a thousand corns for you.

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