Wishlist Wednesday // Fall Finds

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You need these beauties in your closet. Ok. I could be biased, because these are in my closet and I LOVE them. I mean love. I do. You should too. OR you could comment below with what YOU are looking forward to wearing during the Fall or during those cold, rainy days of Utah summers...*snorts because there is no such thing*

p.s. thanks for the immense, deep, and personal love you have all sent me from my past posts. You are all gems. Golden gems.

1 // I just. It's so perfect. Like I could wear this every day of the week. I mean, I have really gotten into v-necks lately. Let the collarbones show. Just let it. Wear a breezy sweater all year round with this. I really wanted the olive one, but it was sold out when I first bought it. Now it's back on the market, but I can fork over $30 when I got it for $15. I kid you not. Navy is JUST fine. 
2 // Ugh. It's so good. It's structured. It has zippers. It's on ebay. 
3 // For sports enthusiasts who aren't actually sports enthusiasts. So basically me. 
4 // Welp. It's a gray sweatshirt. One word. BOMB. Or to be more formal, the perfect piece for Fall. You can't go wrong with a gray shirt that you don't really sweat in because that is so last year and sweatshirts are strictly for fashion now. #normcore
5 // Converse lovers get out of here, because Converse are out. Vans are in. 

+ h a p p y // w i s h i n g 

+ s t a y // g o l d

p.s. I got everything with an extra 40% off awhile   ago so don't judge me. 


  1. Fall clothes are the best clothes. I am excited to wear shorts WITH a sweatshirt, perhaps the best outfit of all time. Roomy hoods, ever-so-convenient pouch pockets..blog post worthy?

  2. I love that red shirt, looks so comfy and would be perfect for fall.



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