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Monday, October 27, 2014

p h o t o 

This quote rings so true to me. Applying this quote to my life really helped me change my perspective when I get dressed in the morning. I used to care about who I was going to see and what people were going to think. When I started making my clothes personal to me and reflective of my personal feelings and style...things changed for me and I felt so much better about myself when I looked in the mirror. 

Now clothes are one of the things that I feel absolutely confident about.  I honestly feel like I could get dressed in the dark and feel good about how I look. It took me some time to do that, and I feel like I'm lucky to be at that place. 

Let's get real though, I still get sucked into trends and wanting all the new and fashion-y things. I still cry about my body image. I still get stumped putting outfits together and like the fabulous Iris said, "The key to style is learning who you which takes years." I am still learning a lot about myself. It will take years. Some days I cry WAY too much and sometimes I don't laugh enough and other days I never cry and laugh as loudly as possible. 

Nobody is perfect and that's okay. Nobody's style is perfect either. We are all shaping and learning. And that to me is beautiful. Expressing yourself is beautiful and embracing your style is empowering. 

As cliche as this sounds, rock it and walk with a purpose. Have confidence and make it work. 

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  1. I love this. In high school, I always looked so jaw droppingly at your outfits, SO cute. What is it with style? To some it's just clothes, but clothing to me is totally art. Each day a new canvas. Today it's just skinny jeans and a tee, but I added a "grungy" beanie with a climbing brand name on it, which totally screams ME! Fashion is special and fun.


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