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Saturday, November 1, 2014

1 //  Lately, I've been all about being present and in the moment, and for some reason this beautiful grey sweater's embroidered "you are here" spoke to me. Reading review, the fit is weird on this one. Weird fit can be tricky. This one will probably be put on the back shelf until I can actually try it on. 

2 // Call me kitschy, but I love the kitty elbow patches. 

3 // Ok so I liked this whole outfit, but a chunky cardigan never hid its face during the fall season. p.s. the hat...daaaaahling. 

 4 // I was at Express today looking at clothes for my brother and of course I moseyed my way over to the women's section. I learned two things. First, the women's section in Express has becoming tragically overpriced and second, they have the MOST INCREDIBLE fringy sweater. It's salty and peppery and slouchy and AWESOME. Straight out of a Philip Lim fashion show.  This ASOS version is cheaper and just a bit cooler. 

5 // A creamy cable knit is a fall/winter wardrobe staple for me. I love this one all flecked with black and perfectly perfect. Also, they have a burnt red and lilac version. Be still my heart I am all about those colors. 

6 // Speaking of pops of red. Don't you just love longline cardigans? Plus, red just looks great with crisp white and the blackest black. Gooooood ooooold weeeeberrrr. Shhhhh. 

7 // If you didn't know this already, I am all about grey sweaters, but I love finding ones with unique twists and details like this one. The rib paneling is ultra cool. 

8 // HALLELUJAH! This is a Forever 21 miracle. Oh my word...it's going in my shopping bag right yes right now. 

9 // Get frenchie-chic in this piece. I love anything with french words on it. 

10 // Saved the best for last. The Rowhouse Sweater by Madewell is my absolutely favorite. It's soft and flattering and fashionable and just wonderful. You can wear it with a skirt, with jeans, with anything. I have it in black (my favorite) and a fiery red. I want the grey one of course and I just might get it. It's worth it, really. 

What's on your shopping list? Any wishlist items I should know about? Comment below and...

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