What You Should Be Buying // Some Fall Essentials

Sunday, October 5, 2014

1 & 2 // Fall nail polish. I'm into dark, dark, I mean dark almost black berry nails right now, but I'm jumping on the grey nail bandwagon. I mean, basically if all runway shows during fashion week can rock the grey nail polish, I sure can right? P.S. I like Essie because the formula is 3-free and it lasts forever. I can wear a manicure with this brew for a week without chipping. 

3 (similar) & 4 (Similar) // Black skinny jeans are a must for me. Black denim should be a must for everyone. Plus, you can find pairs so nice and so soft that it's like you're wearing leggings anyway, and all BYU girls want to wear leggings right? #StickItToTheMan Pair your jeans with this buffalo plaid shirt a la Madewell and you're good to go. 

5  & 6 (similar, similar) // Um...these boots are another love/hate item. They are Sam Edelman, but I can only find this style and leather/color on Urban Outfitters right now. Help? In other news, this leather jacket from Gap is so bomb and so out of my budget, but bomb nonetheless. 

+ h a p p y // s h o p p i n g 

+ s t a y // g o l d

p.s. if you know where to get those booties or shoes similar to them elsewhere, lemme know. 

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