Monday Muse{ing}: Leandra Medine

Monday, January 19, 2015

Whoa! Another series? Will it be as frequent? Will it last forever? Probably not!

Today's Monday Muse is Leandra Medine from only the best online website/blog of all time: Man Repeller.

Type fast because the reads are delightful and the fashion is good.

P.S. All photos are from Pinterest. Next time I'll get all sources, if you for some reason are reading this and know the sources, feel free to do the work for me and comment below. I don't own anything!

1 // You don't know Leandra if you don't know Man Repeller, so I suggest you start reading up. I highly recommend these posts right HERE. *language warnings enforced* P.S. All of the other writers, especially Amelia, are absolutely phenomenal as well. Be ready to laugh, cry, gasp, get inspired, and pillage through your closet look to create outfit replicas. I'LL TAKE THE SEQUIN PANTS PLEASE!

2 // She also hosts a little video series called The Chatroom. It's sponsored by NARS (provocative) and she talks to the most beautiful (inside and out) and stylish people. I could just sit on those stairs with her and talk about chunky clogs and ombre sweaters AND her haircut. Can't forget that awesome bob she's got going on.

3 // She's not afraid to not wear makeup. She's not afraid to mix prints. She's not afraid to be completely obscure and hilarious. She's a BOMB writer. Like so good at writing. And she's not afraid to wear a boxy top with billowing pants.

4 //  She makes you believe in mixing gold, over-the-top heels with a flouncy floral mini skirt, a tribal necklace, and an american flag sweatshirt.

5 // And if we all dressed like this, we'd have the most stylish summers.

6 // She's a classic.

7 // Again, her hair and the neutrals and just the overall "i'm a new york girl with a french girl attitude" aura about her.

8 // She rocks fashion week street style every single time.

9 // And she wears outfits that every girl want so pin on pinterest every single five seconds. This outfit is greeeeeat. I'll take the LOT!

10 // And she'll create an outfit that is so poised and well done but add a necklace that would totally throw it off for Utah standards, but it totally works in all other standards. Ultimately she makes me want to defy the fashion standards around me. You don't have to wear J.Crew all the time, you don't have to wear thrift store clothes all the time, you don't even have to follow trends.

11 // THIS. All. of. This. replicating right now.

12 // And finally a glowing smile with lots of denim makes you ten times more likable.

13 // Oh and since i'm cutting my hair this Friday...she gave me courage. 

+ h a p p y // m o n d a y 

+ s t a y // g o l d

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