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Monday, January 19, 2015

Today I'm going where I've never gone before. I'm doing a half-butt makeup tutorial (I found out my mom reads this blog...so no inappropriate language allowed).

After my friend Talor, who pushes me to new heights and challenges me to do new things, requested that I do a tutorial for a look I posted on the instagram, I thought, hey why not! Let's do this thang.

*disclaimer* I will not apologize for duck lips, weird smiles, or dramatic faces made in this video.

Step 1: Start out with a fresh face. I wash my face in the shower with this, tone with this, moisturize with this and this

Step 2: Apply a foundation of your choice. I'm currently not using a foundation, but when I do it's this one, so I'm going to opt for concealer instead. Place under eyes (I buy a color that is just a bit brighter than my regular tone) and other problem areas if you want and then pat gently. Blend away, birdies!

Step 4: Fill in your brows. The brows frame your face. They kind of pull you together. I just started doing this...so sometimes they are too dark or two filled out, but hey if Cara Delevingne can do it, so can I! I normally use this glorious pencil, but I went for a cheaper option this time around. Any good drugstore eyebrow pencils out there? I need one. Or an eyebrow kit. 

Step 5: Prime your eyes. If you don't have oily lids like I do, this doesn't have to be an option. You can do it if you want though. Priming just helps your lid hold the color, it also intensifies the pigment in your makeup. I just put a tiny bead of this on each lip and pat it all over my lid. The feeling of it isn't tacky, but it feels like it will hold a powder on it. Urban Decay has one of the best primers ever, but this Milani one is just as amazing.

Step 6: Get your makeup palette ready. If you are just beginning with makeup, Wet & Wild, Maybelline, and NYX have some great starter palettes. If you are willing to splurge a little, try the Urban Decay Naked line. I have all three of the palettes and I have the first Naked Basics. They have a Naked Basics 2 and a new Naked on the Run palette. Amazing. It's a BEAUTIFUL collection, it's cruelty free, and it won't make your mom blush when she sees the color selection. I love the Naked 2 because the colors are more cool toned. 

P.S. If edgy makeup names aren't good for you, many other makeup brands have tried to recreate the Naked Palettes, and they've succeeded. 

Eye brushes are the best to work with. Target has a ton. Just go there. 

Step 6 cont: We are going to use the color Verve first. It's a silvery taupe color. Pat this all over your lid with a flat eye shadow brush. The primer should grab the color and make it look more saturated. 

Step 6 con't: Then take the color Tease and a dome tapered crease brush. Tease is a purplish gray matte color. If you think you don't have a crease, just open your eyes and place the brush in that space between the beginning of your brow bone and your eyelid. Apply it in a windshield wiper motion and small circular motion. 

Step 6 con't: BLEND with a fluffy brush. We don't want harsh lines. Then take the darker grey color called Pistol in the palette and apply that with the domed brush in the outer corner of your eye making small circular motions. BLEND AGAIN! Now take a small flat brush and apply a shimmering eyeshadow to your inner corner. I used Bootycall from the palette and Foxy on my brow bone to highlight and blend some more. (This part probably doesn't make sense, but just watch a makeup tutorial on Youtube if you need more guidance.) 

Step 7: Eyeliner. Now learning how to wing your eyeliner takes time. I still don't do it right and not many people do. That's why "May the wings of your eyeliner always be even" is a thing. You can use gel/creme liner, pencil liner, or liquid liner like I did on my upperlash line. I just use pencil on my lower waterline. Again...there are loads of tutorials on how to create the wing. I start at the center of my lash line and work my way out. Then I extend a flick from the edge of my eye as if my lashes are just continuing. Then I go all the way to the corner and fill in the space. (Really hard to explain this in words.) 

Step 8: Apply generous amounts of the mascara of your choice. I have very sensitive skin and eyes. I'm basically allergic to a lot of stuff, so I opt for Almay mascaras. They are incredible and they make my lashes feel nourished. Also if by chance I poke my eye, yes it still hurts, but my eye doesn't sting for hours and feel like it's dying. Gross, but it happened once. 

Step 9: Blush! I chose a peachy shade by e.l.f that basically goes with every look. It has a slight shimmer and it give s healthy "glow." I just smile and apply it to the apples of my cheeks and then slightly sweep the color up on top of my cheeks. 

Step 10: NOW IT'S TIME FOR LIPS! THE BEST BEST PART. So the lip I've been wearing lately has been extra summery, because the weather outside has been so beautiful. Gimme all that sunshine. I am a big fan of matte orangey-red lips. Matte anything lips are super on trend and I am all about them. If you don't want orange-red, opt for a deep wine color or a nude or even a berry-pink. All are welcome. 

The lip pencil I am using is Sonia Kashuk Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in Poppy Nude. I found it at Target and it's my new favorite thing. It's a way cheaper dupe of Nars Heat Wave. 

Step 10 con't: EXFOLIATE. This weird looking lipstick is only three bones at target and it's amazing.  It's gritty so don't ruin your lips, just gently brush it over and lick it off if you want...or take a paper towel to it. 


Step 10 con't: Moisturize with your favorite lip balm. Burt's Bees is my personal and minty favorite.  


Step 10 con't: Apply the pencil all over your lips and voila, there you have it, shimmery eyes and a lip that lasts all day on smooth and minty lips. Psst...just so you know it will get on your mans lips if you kiss them. Or your dog's fur, or your computer's screen, or your pillow. I tried them all. ;) 

I hope you enjoyed this LOOOOOONG post about my face. Put me on Youtube and make me famous, NOW! One more winky face for extra jest emphasis. ;)

+ s t a y // g o l d

p.s. any makeup products that you swear by? do tell!

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  1. I love this look! Thanks Dani! :) I also love the step-by-step pictures - looks like you had an awesome time putting this together!


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