Friday Favorites // Have a Relaxing Weekend

Thursday, February 19, 2015

No really, relax this weekend.

1 // Listen, Utah hasn't been cold. Not not at all. This Winter has been a royal disappointment for snow lovers and a big celebration for everybody else, but just in case you were wondering this is what your coat says about you. 

2 // Another great Q+A from Caroline over at Un-Fancy. If you're not following her blog, you're following all the wrong blogs. It's incredible and inspiring in a fashion-y, thrifty kind of way.

3 // How to do anything...

4 // Ten Takeaways from J.Crew Fall '15. The J.Crew Collection is one of the best things in this entire world. It makes my heart happy because every outfit is me in a dream. Well I like to think so anyway.

5 // This may not apply to everyone, but this pin really made me think.

6 // Burt's Bees Blemish Stick = Tea Tree Oil Magic and Goodness and Everything

7 // Florence. Is. Back. 

8 // Leandra, will you please be my best friend? 

9 // Ok, I have probably shared this WAY too many times, but it's fitting with this past week and who doesn't want this woman to also be your best friend? Two BFFs in one video? YES!

10 // Do YOU know how to pronounce Proenza Schuler? 

11 // ONE more fashion week favorite: A Day in the Life of...

12 // Where can I get one of these for my house?

13 // Lastly, I've been obsessed with this outfit all week. I keep looking at it. Perfect styling.

p.s. Fashion week was (bring on the cliche) MAJOR! I'm doing my research and I'm pulling out the big guns (okay not so big, pretty simple guns) and doing a 13 favorite looks from fashion week. Runway and Street Style combined. Get ready, because it's coming! Psst. Thanks, Erica, for the suggestion!

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