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Monday, February 23, 2015

Saying that I love fashion week is an understatement. I LOVE LOVE fashion week. Like it is my dream to be there one day. I don't care if I'm a magazine editor. I don't care if I'm a lowly minion sitting all the way in the back. I don't care if I people don't know who I am, I just want to go. I want to analyze the fashion and I want to see the art that these incredible designers have been mastering for the past year. It's a beautiful spectacle. Everything about it is worldly, but everything about it is magical. It's just the best. My favorite part about it though, the street style. I LOVE the street style. So that's what this post is about today. Some of the best street style looks at NYFW. All photos are either from Pinterest or Vogue or Elle or any fashion magazine website ever. I don't own any of them, though I so wish I did.

Stay tuned for a Runway Recap. ;)

1 // A popular look was neutrals with a vibrant accent of color. I love this all grey look with a yellow purse. It says "I'm a functional and fabulous fashion editor that is going to write a bomb yet critical review of all the shows I get to see." P.S. This one is obviously from London Fashion Week but it still counts!

2 // See that pop of orange. *heart eyes* *heart flutter* It was rainy and pretty dreary all week, but that didn't stop the ladies from pulling out their parkas and making it work. You can't see her shoes, but she's wearing sneakers and I just love that. 

3 // The hat! The hat, I say! 

4 // Even if you're not walking the runway, you are walking the streets of New York Fashion Week and those streets might as well be a runway. It's all in the details with this one. From her bag, to her scarf, to her lovely red manicure, to the wind swept mane. To looks fresh, parisian and effortlessly put together. 

5 // Gigi Hadid is all the craze right now. She was flawless in every single one of her shows and she basically is the "it" girl right now and for good reason too. She's not just trendy, but she knows style. She knows it well. Heck, she's probably freezing but she takes a moment to show that she's a fashion force to be reckoned with in that leather jacket of bad-assery. 

6 // At fashion week, especially if you're one of the big gals on campus, you're allowed to wear an oversized orange coat, doc martens and a sweater/cardigan as a scarf. Oh and jeans. Let's not forget the jeans, am I right ladies? Or should I say Leandra? 

7 // My girl Jenna. That. Is. All. 

8 // Her boots may be Stuart Weitzman and her jacket may be Burberry, but her all black look is easy to pull off and a fool-proof guide to your future fashion weeks. 

9 // Caroline de Maigret is my must. I just want to be her. She is the epitome of french je ne sais quoi.  She is THE french girl muse. She is the french girl. Plus, again with the denim and the unique take on the classic stripe. This outfit is telling you that a classic girl must have a camel wool coat and a striped shirt with a blazer for extra style and layering effort (or the lack thereof). 

10 // Winter White! Can we count her pop of color as the cab? Actually, can we really talk about the REAL star of the show, the girl in the background with the plaid coat and fur collar? Um YES! *praise hands* 

11 // Another simple look to pull off that packs a lot of fashion week punch. Sweater dress, check. Leather jacket, check. Black cashmere scarf, check. Black pants, check. White sneakers check! Check, check, check. 

12 // As you can probably tell, I like looks that I could actually wear in real life. This look I would actually wear in real life. 

13 // Get out of here, beautiful fashion model that I wish I could be. When in doubt, all black, all the time. 

14 // Last but not least, everything about this look. The hair. THE HAIR! Of course the camera is all up in her face. This is phenomenal. That orange was everywhere. 

What were some of your favorite fashion week street style looks? 

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