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Monday, February 2, 2015

There won't be a Style Profile this week and for that I am very sad. I have two beautiful girls lined up for the coming weeks though so have no fear, the Style Profile is still here. I just had to take a break. I love Style Profile's but they require a lot of work for both parties. Formatting and editing isn't always fun. Plus, let's get real, homework is a real witch with a capital b, amirightladies? So here are some outfits I've been inspired by lately. All pics can be found on my Pinterest boards. 

Question of the day: Should I do a Style Profile? Lemme know. 

1 // I don't even know who this woman is, but I want to be her. She looks so relaxed, so happy with herself, so effortless. 

2 // This outfit is so simple, but it's dynamic. It's put together with some great pieces. If you have basic white sneakers, a grey beanie and a navy merino sweater all you need is the polka dot jeans. It's awesome! 

3 // Mom jeans and a simple white tee are revolutionizing lazy Saturday mornings where you forgot you had to be at brunch with your friends so you hopped out of bed and off you went. 

4 // Because Kimberly Pesch could do no wrong. I aspire to be her layered looks. No, not her. Her layered looks. 

5 // Because I want to incorporate color into my outfits. I have always gravitated towards jeweled maroons and the blushiest pink! Plus, those brogues! LOVE! 

6 // Black and white is such a classic combination that can go from Breakfast with Tiffany's to edgy and street style cool. 

7 // Can we talk about striped shirts and black ripped-at-the-knee jeans? Can we please talk about this combination. #praisehands 

8 // The black jeans don't even need to be ripped. You can just look straight up awesome and artistic and like a fancy architect in black and white combos. Plus the checkered look is always a classic. 

9 // The edgy black-hearted girl I've always wanted to be. 

10 // See what I'm saying about jeans and white t-shirt? Seeeeeeeeeee???

11 // STYLE GOALS! SO MANY STYLE GOALS! When I have children I want to dress like this. Yes, I'll rock white jeans when I have kids. I just want to dress like this my whole life. 

12 // Lastly, a college girl outfit I can roll with. Everyone on campus has white converse, distressed jeans and a pretty button up to wear a sweater over. It's a necessary "we have the same outfit" evil. 

Stay inspired, lovelies! 

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  1. I am so sad there won't be a style profile. YES PLEASE do one of yourself!


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