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Saturday, February 7, 2015

I love items of clothing that seem totally ordinary but are totally extraordinary and wonderful. 

Here are a few pieces that I've recently come across that have been that way for me. 

1 // Sam Edelman Petty Bootie in Dark Brown Leather: I found these at TJ Maxx on a killer dealer. I had always wanted a pair of these beauties and I finally bit the bullet and bought them. I even got advice from one stylish lady, so you know it was a wise investment. No but really. These may look boring, but they are SO comfy and they are made with the most beautiful materials. Plus, the toe is a little dark and I just love that ombre look. I am positive these will patina nicely. 

2 // J.Crew Toothpick Jean in Blacksmith Wash: These are being sent to me and I just can't wait. In my last Inspired post, I raved about black ripped-at-the-knee jeans. They are unexpected because the rips look street style cool instead of dingy and underdressed. It's the best way to do distressed denim if you're afraid.

 3 // Hugo Guinness for J.Crew Human Being Tee in Linen: This t-shirt is so special. Linen is flattering and light weight. It makes me feel summery during this winter, but hey the weather makes me feel that way too. Still, it's unexpected for the handwriting and the one golden human being. People got a hoot out of this shirt when I wore it.

4 // Double Stripe Tee: Yes, yes, striped tees can be a dime a dozen these days (don't you just wish?). But this one is special. It's a special little gem, really. It's a perfect, "I'm super late I gotta throw something on" shirt. And let's say you forget to pull the hem from out of your jeans, don't worry, it looks great half-tucked. 

Any unexpected clothing pieces in your closet? Comment below. Hope your weekend has been rad.

P.S. All opinions are my own, but every once in a while, a company sends me some of their clothes to try. I wear them and choose to write a post if I feel they are worth one. These pieces were. 

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  1. Those shoes in the third picture, though! I don't usually like flat shoes like that, but the pointed toe is TOO cute.


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