Inspired // Spring Showers

Monday, March 23, 2015

It's raining right now. And I love it. Forgive me for the lack of links. I do not own any of these images. I found them all on Pinterest. 

1 // This time of year has always brought me anxiety and I would be lying if I said that hasn't changed. But amidst the anxiety and uneasiness about the future, I know that there are beautiful things on the horizon. I know that things are going to work out for me. Don't stop believing in yourself, because so many beautiful things are on the horizon.

2 // Are you a wildflower? Yes! I like to think I am. If I could be any flower, it would be a wild one.

3 // Don't you just want to cozy up with a book from those shelves on a rainy day.

4 // This is actually a men's outfit, but I don't really care about that. You knew that already.

5 // A simple street style look for days like today. All you need is an umbrella and you're solid.

6 // Such a good outfit. I'll put this one in the books.

7 // I have a wall in my apartment that this would look great on.

8 // A fishtail braid and the messiest thrown together bun! Dreamy!

9 // This one time at the a white elephant, I chose a succulent and it got stolen from me. I wish I still had it. Or any cactus or any green plant for that matter.

10 // I LOVE styling without a lot of jewelry. I am part of the nothing but precious metals club so accessorizing can be hard (and painful). So thank you ASOS for styling your models so simply it's so lovely.

11 // Another street style look. I love the boxiness and the stripes and the matching pieces. And I love all of it.

12 // For casual days because they are coming. Summer is coming.

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