Monday {Muse}ings // Jenna Lyons (THE QUEEN)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Forget about Beyonce, okay maybe you shouldn't forget about her, but if you know me you know what I mean, when I say that Jenna Lyons is QUEEN!

So here are 10 (though there are more than 10) times when Jenna Lyons emulated her majesty.

1 // The time when she attended Solange Knowles's wedding decked out in this ridiculously beautiful ensemble. I'm no fan or fur, but I'm a HUGE fan of that feathered skirt. So major. Also, leave it to Jenna to make her signature slouchy white button up, wedding chic.

2 // The time when she let us into her beyond perfect Brownstone and wore the coolest outfit that you only wish you could wear at home. Do you think she ever wears sweatpants to lounge in on that couch? Heaven forbid.

3 // The time she wore THIS! I wish I could see that whole dress, but of course, she pairs the sweetest feminine dress with opaque tights, a great snood, a mixed material coat and her signature gold baubles. 

4 // This time when she wore Stan Smith's, slightly flared trousers and that slouchy white button up again. It's the same time that she proved that she can also be the queen of minimalism. Kudos to the lady next to her. Her outfit is right up my alley.

5 // The time when she fearlessly wore her glasses and didn't give any craps about what people may think of glasses. They are THEE signature Jenna Lyons piece. I love a girl who can confidently rock glasses. 

6 // The time when she said this. Oh and when she rocked an all-denim look with sexy Louboutins. She also says that Leopard is a neutral, sooooooo there. 

7 // #praisehandemoji

8 // The time she made all your street style wishes come true. 

9 // The time she was the most adorable and fashionable mother. Did you know she sparked quite the controversy when she painted her son's toes pink for a photoshoot. To all the haters, pleeeeease. 

10 // The time and ALL the times that she's not afraid to always rock her classic pieces. You'll always seen Jenna with her two gold bangles and that distressed denim. I love her because she owns everything she wears, and she's not afraid to stake her claim on pieces that are just "her." 

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