Playlist Thursday // New Glasses

Thursday, March 12, 2015

So I tried #WarbyParkerHomeTryOn is that the hashtag? I have no idea! And I already knew which ones I wanted, but I did the try on anyway just to get a feel of Warby Parker, and a feel I did get and love I did find. 

These are my new glasses. Name coming soon. Style coming soon. Premiere of these glasses coming soon. They are my favorite things ever. Although they are not totally black,and although I've never seen her in tortoise glasses, I feel like Jenna Lyons. 

Right when I tried them on Ty said, "Oh, I like those! I'll have to get used to them, but I like those a lot." That's the thing about glasses, you get so used to them being on your face every day that it's like getting a whole new set of eyes. It's like welcoming a new friend to the party. It's like introducing that cooler more stylish friend to all your mediocre friends (my face ;) ;) ;)) it's like a fresh coat of paint and style. 

You may think they're over the top I think they are the greatest thing to ever happen to my face. more thing though. I don't know if I can actually get them, because I don't know if Warby Parker will take my prescription. I have pretty terrible eye balls. Really great eye balls because I can still see, but they are progressively getting more blurry as the years go on, so cross your fingers and pray for me, because I need new specs, stats. The ones i have are falling apart. So pray! #PrayForDanisEyesSoTheyCanHaveNewGlassesFromWarbyParker. Spread that around, okay?

So if the stars align, a glasses unveiling will come up in a couple of weeks or like a month, but for now, here's a playlist. 

P.S. Sorry about not having links, blogger hates me tonight. Why, Blogger!? After all we've been through. You grotsky little....

1 // Sedated by Hozier 

2 // Work Song by Hozier 

3 // Take Me To Church (Hozier cover) by Ellie Goulding 

4 // Roslyn by Bon Iver feat. St. Vincent

5 // Adore You by Miley Cyrus

6 // Ten Cent Pistol by The Black Keys

7 // Ya Hey by Vampire Weekend 


  1. Warby Parker is thee best! My glasses are from them and I've had them for over two years--still good as new! And I love the ones you got.

  2. Oh YEAH! I'm excited to listen to Bon Iver ft. St. Vincent, she's my home girl! And sometimes I wish I was blind so that I could wear cute glasses like those.


  3. You look too gorgeous in those glasses, Dani! And it goes well with that shirt too. Is there anything in that photo that looks out of place? Hahaha! I really hope you managed to take that gorgeous pair home though. Make sure to keep us posted, okay? Love the playlist, by the way. All the best! :)

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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