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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Since when was "pretty" not cool. It's okay to be pretty as long as you're not a pretty little fool. Be pretty. Be glamorous. Tough is cool and strong is cool, but pretty is cool too. Be pretty in all ways, but most of all be pretty on the inside. Let your insides glow with so much goodness that the glow comes through your eyes and your smile and your fingertips.

Now...Here are some things that I think are pretty...

1 // A pretty little blouse for breezy spring days.

2 // A street style look that makes you want the transition days of the seasons to last a little bit longer. I always have a hard time packing up my favorite sweaters at the end of the season. She's wearing Culottes by the way. *swoon*

3 // A graphic t-shirt and wind-tossed hair for most days, because most days are meant for ultimate comfort and cool moon t-shirts. 

4 // An exhilarating feeling of letting go.

5 // A haircut that works perfectly for you. 

6 // A quote that reminds you to see things with new eyes. 

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