Wishlist Wednesday // Birthday Wishes

Thursday, April 9, 2015


My birthday is on Monday. I'm turning 22. Now please refrain from making me sing that Taylor Swift song. I love Taylor, but I can do without. Aren't we beating a dead horse a little bit? Yeah. I thought so.

So my birthday wish this year? To have courage and to be kind. Shout out to my bae Cinderella for teaching me the best philosophy.

Have courage and be kind.

Also, every birthday I think of really superfluous and really expensive wishes for my birthday wishlist.

Lez do dis.

1 // These slippers that look like they have been sent from heaven. I couldn't find a proper link for these. Where can I get these delights? 

2 // My bb Yves. I'm kind of obsessed with this man, and photographs of him and his work? Yes. 

3 // These bookends for not so much bookish decorating. I just want them for any kind of decorating. Couldn't find a good link for these either, so let's assume they are from anthropologie? 

4 // A baking cookbook, because I don't bake nearly enough that chocolate cake though. Also...not a good link. Anthropologie, is that you? 

5 // This absolutely over-the-top expensive striped frock that I absolutely over-the-top need in my life. 

6 // Anything from Alex and Ani. I went to the store for the first time with my mom and sister. I LOVED THE WHOLE CONCEPT! So so so beautiful. This is the eternity symbol. 

7 // A massive deer bed photo for a bare wall in my house. Katherine Wolkoff is a pure talent. 

Happy birthday, me. I guess!??? 

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