Monday Musings // Meet My Specs and Why It's Okay to Take Selfies

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter! God is good and God is real and Jesus is my brother, people. I just wanted you to know that I know that. I have a very personal relationship with my Higher Beings. I have a personal relationship with the church I belong to. This past weekend was what we call "Conference Weekend" in the LDS faith. It's pretty cool. A lot of people get really, outwardly passionate about it, and that's totally cool. I'm a little bit more reserved. Not that I don't want to "Share Goodness", not that I don't want to "Defend My Faith"...I do, oh I do, but sometimes somethings just have to stay close to your heart.

My sister said something really wise this weekend, I asked her how she was doing with the church and all and she said, "You know what, Dani, some people have problems with the church, I could have problems with the church, but I don't. I choose to keep believing and I choose to believe what I believe not what anyone else believes."

She was right, my family could choose to be angry at people that have hurt us and things that are hard, but we choose to believe and we choose to be happy, because that's what God wants.

He is patient and he waits and he loves.

And that's all I'm going to share today.

Now meet my specs...

Meet my new face friends, these are the Warby Parker Kimball glasses in Marzipan Tortoise and let me tell you something...

I was at work the other day just doing what I do and a girl comes up to me IN FRONT OF LIKE 12 OTHER PEOPLE and asks me the following question.

"Do you like your new glasses?"

Well, yeah I do. (I said this in my head.) What kind of question is that?"

"Um...yes, yes I do. I wouldn't have picked them if I didn't like them, why?"

And she gets this squirmish look on her face, like those looks that are reserved for the mean girls in high school that think they are so much cooler than you because they wear clothes from "Buckle."

"Oh well, they're just really distracting. I mean, I can't look at your face."

And my heart dropped because as much as I was confident about my choice of glasses for MY face, because MY eyes need them...her words bit through me. Her words are the words that girls in this world are always hearing. They are words of theft. That girl was a thief. She was stealing all my confidence. She was stealing the one thing that took me forever to feel okay about. I've been wearing glasses my whole life. They are kind of the thing that defines me. They are a fashion accessory that I get to wear everyday. And yes, my new glasses are very different from my old ones, but there was no question as to which ones I was going to buy when I tried the Kimball's on. I told Tyler that I didn't care if people thought they were crazy, MY eyes, MY face, MY glasses, MY choice. But that girl had to say something.

I'm over it now, but I just want to say this to EVERYONE reading this...


Don't steal confidence away from people by saying petty things. Don't say anything that in the slightest could chip away at someone. Genuinely compliment someone. Genuinely mean something good. If you don't like something because that something makes someone happy, keep your mouth shut. Please and thank you, God bless.

In other news, I like my new glasses. No, I LOVE my new glasses.

And now why it's okay to take selfies and pictures of your food.

Society tells you that selfies are stupid and that no one cares about what your food looks like. Sure, that may be true, but I agree to disagree with society most of the time.

I like selfies. As Ezra Koenig once said, Selfies are cool because you get to see what your friend looks like that day.

Be proud of your face! Not that conceited proud, but that hey I like my look today and I'm proud of myself today. This is me. There may be a filter and there may not be, but it's not your place to say that or not.

And your food, if you had this delicious food and you want someone to see. SHOW THEM! SHOW THEM! I love it when people show me good food because then I know where I can go to get it. Share, because FOOD IS GOOD!

I don't like wearing my hair back because I always believed that I had a fat face or that my chin was too big, but I took this on snapchat the other day and my hair was back and I really liked this picture.I looked at myself and I liked what I saw. Is that so bad? I'm not trying to say that my face is better than other faces, I'm just saying that I liked the way I look. I rarely do that! And...I'm probably rambling on about this, but I'm not ashamed to share this. People can think all they want, but remember that caring? Yeah throw it away. Also, RIP old glasses.

And here is the food that I was eating when I took that selfie.

It's from In-N-Out, thank you very much. Get in my belly. Aren't you always craving this shiz? Yeah. Me too.

Here's a half-eaten piece of pizza that kind of changed my life. It's from Pizzeria 7/12. Go, go, go.

And then this. Stay happy and laugh a lot.

That's what life is all about. Stay happy. If you're having a sad day...that's okay. Cry and have a sad day and then try to be happy again and try to laugh again. Laughing is good. It's really good because chins double and eyes crinkle and teeth show and it's beautiful.

Now what was the point of this post?

Hmm...that's for you to decide.


  1. The Buckle girl comment was such #realtalk. That part had me laughing out loud in the glass room (Shh... not working at work. Again. Oh well.) Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. Thank you for reminding me that I am me. And that I am okay. And that I can wear my hair up because girl that is how I feel as well.

  3. This is a top 10 al time post. Very well written.

    Well done Gryffindor! Well done Gryffindor! Well done Gryffindor!


    Well done Slytherin, Well done Slytherin...BUT! There are more points to be awarded...


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