Monday Musings // 13 Things

Monday, March 30, 2015

HEY! Thanks for keeping me going friends! Thanks for reading! Thanks for actually caring about 13 things I'm currently "musing" about. Hi-YAH!

Lez do dis. 

1 // WHY on EARTH do girls post the following: 

"My dad is better than yours." 

"My hubby is better than yours." 

"My baby is cuter than yours." 

"My family is cooler than yours." 

Why do they do that? Why is that necessary? Why can't they post things like: 

"Hey I know you have a best dad, but I have one too! He's the best for me, just like your dad is the best for you! Some people don't have dads, boy I'm so grateful I have a dad. You can share my dad if you want, if you don't have one or if your dad isn't that great, because sometimes that shiz happens." 


"Hey my baby is really adorable, and I love them...I know that some people can't have babies and it's really hard for them. I'm so sorry that someone has to go through that, you can definitely hold my baby, you can share my baby, my baby is your baby, that really blows,  let's cry about it together, or your baby is the cutest darn thing in the whole entire world. I love your baby!" 


"I am really grateful for my husband today. He's a great guy. The end." 

I just feel like the world would be a better place if we didn't go around flaunting all the "cooler than yours" things, ya know? 

2 // Why is Gap selling the cutest and the ugliest t-shirts right now? Heck, I would buy one of those ugly t-shirts. Let's get real. 

3 // Don't mistake someone's feelings of self-love for them feeling complacent about their health. I am all about loving yourself and loving your body. I'm bad it a lot of the time, but I love it. I couldn't support it or preach it more, but sometimes I feel like people think I'm saying I don't have to work out or that being unhealthy is okay. I'm not saying that at all. You need to take care of yourself. You need to go on a walk. YOU NEED TO SLEEP! YOU NEED TO DRINK A WHOLE BUCKET OF WATER! You need to stop eating 5lbs of ice cream a day, that's really irresponsible, or you need to start eating! Guys, that's real. People destroy their bodies because they don't like themselves and we need to start taking care of our bodies because we LOVE our bodies! Taking care of your body can even be saying that you like parts of it when you look in the mirror. Do what makes you feel happy. You *clap* do *clap* you *clap*. 

4 // Tyler and I MIGHT moving to a condo this Fall and so I've been thinking about how we're going to decorate, because we're going to be there for the rest of the time we are in Provo. This room really got me so inspired. I love the grey walls and the bed spread! Dreamiest!

5 // I am obsessed with Hozier and Nick Jonas right now. Judge me all you want! I'll never surrender! Hozier's voice makes me weak at the knees. #SorryNotSorry

6 // A lot of people are going to complain about things that you like. That's just life. Today though, I saw Madewell post this picture in an instagram.


I was personally going ham and cheese over the styling. Some ladies over 25 did not feel the same. One lady even commented: "Uh, Kurt Cobain for Madewell, if I wanted this outfit I would go to Good Will and get that ratty t-shirt for 50 cents." 

First of all lady, great, you have an opinion. I am so proud that you want to voice it. 
Second of all, Kurt Cobain for Madewell would be a kick-a collaboration, too bad he died way before his time. 
Third of all, I freaking love a good deal, Goodwill? Count me in. Don't make fun. Go there and get your t-shirt. 
Fourth of all, ratty t-shirt, yeah it could be, but Madewell has good quality clothes. They really do and if someone actually had that ratty t-shirt I would hope that you'd be nice enough not to say that to someone's face and keep it to yourself. 
Fifth of all, her hair is practically amazing. Disheveled is in. You being OUT. AND LET'S NOT FORGET THE SHORTS. THE SHORTS, LADY! 

Sixth of all, I got WAY too passionate about that. I'm sure that lady is the nicest. 

7 // I realize that I never finished my runway recaps. I still have stuff to do. I'm going to finish them even if it's been like a month since fashion week. Better late than neverrrrr. 

8 // Good food and good people, that's all you need in life. 

9 // Sometimes, you just have to let go of all that "caring" you have bottled up inside of you. Not the kind of sympathy and empathy caring, I mean the "I care too much about what people think of me" caring. The toxic caring that eats at your soul. Just get rid of it. Say, be gone, caring! I'm through with you. 

10 // The other day whilst almost crying over a stupid assignment (the toxic kind of caring, you know) this song played and my heart melted. It made me cry good tears. Where are you now, Dani? Where are you going? What do you care about? SPEAKING OF MUMFORD & SONS, Believe ain't my favorite, but I am a loyal mumford gal, so we'll see. Nothing beats, Babel, I think. 

11 // We all have storms. Don't discount your storm even if someone has a bigger storm than you. Learn from your storm. 


12 // These linen-blend dresses are SO cute. So summery. I love stripes and linens. 

13 // I call this my "me in a dream" self: 



  1. Number 9. Can I get an #Amen? Totally agree.

  2. LOL! "I'm sure that lady is the nicest."


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