Update // A Birthday

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You know those moments where your heart is just bursting because it's filled with the deepest love and appreciation for everyone around you? Yeah I'm having that heart-bursty moment, right now.

I had a birthday on Monday and it was the best day.

It really was.

How original, the best day being your birthday? Well I'm a sucker for the cliche. It was the best day filled with the best food and the best people.

Except for one thing...my parents didn't call me, what is up with that mom? Dad? No excuses. Jk...I called them the night before.

I'm not really going to talk about the presents I got, because isn't that sort of not classy? I just have to share one highlight gift though...Tyler got me the prettiest skirt that I had mentioned to him like back at the beginning of March. It was probably the sweetest thing. I just love that guy named Tyler that I live with.

What a cool guy. Sometimes he even rubs my back so I can sleep after having a scary dream. Yeah, I know!

But thank you to everyone who really made my day a strawberry lemonade with extra ice.

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