Thursday Thoughts // Weird things I do...

Thursday, April 16, 2015


1 // I've been trying really hard to narrow down my wardrobe to key pieces that I absolutely love. With my lifestyle and schedule and budget, doing this can be very difficult, but I've done some things right. I've mastered shirts. I've mastered tops that I absolutely love. I know the silouhette of top that works for me. I should say silouhettes. Once I find a top that I love, I will try to wear it as much as possible the following days, because I love it that much.

Plus, I read this fascinating article about work uniforms and I just have to say a big,fat, fancy A-to the MEN. Why not wear the same thing everyday, huh? Why not?

2 // I love reading reviews. I do my research before I buy things. Reviews are like my secret best friend. Buying from J.Crew used to be the worst darn thing on the planet before they had reviews. Now they do and my world changed. Okay, so that's an exaggeration, but I seriously love reviews. It's going to be pretty bad when I start buying my own furniture and appliances for my home. Does anyone else scour websites for reviews? The review section is the first place I go to, really.

3 // Another thing that has to do with reviews that I do is that when I get a present or something that was impulse or bought on a whim (I know...I need to stop doing that) I will go look it up online afterwards and see what people think about it or see what else there is to offer. This sounds so materialistic and ungrateful, but here's an example. So for my birthday, my mom got me three Alex and Ani bracelets. Now, I had never heard of Alex and Ani until two friends of mine told me about them. Then my sister, mom and I went to the store a couple of weeks back and I was floored. The concept is so beautiful. I totally didn't expect my mom to buy me some for my birthday, but she did and I just spent the last half hour looking at all of the beautiful jewelry online and every time mine come up, I get really happy inside. I also may have formed an addiction, but I hear that's normal.

4 // Once I find a song that I like, I will listen to that song on repeat for like the next two days.

5 // I am the biggest scaredy-cat, but when ghost stories start being told, I can't stop. I love hearing the freaky stuff.

I'm weird I know...

What are some weird things you do? Are these things that weird? Probably not. Am I having a dry spell?

Who knows???

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